Thursday, 30 March 2006

Spiders are NOT creepy!

Must have something to do with this sudden warm weather. I've either heard or witnessed at least one person a day freaking out about a tiny little spider! This annoys me (this is an understatement!). First, I seriously dislike shrieking hysterical females. Second, I seriously like spiders. Fascinating creatures they are. Truly! Third, the shrieking hysterical females are generally several thousand times larger than the fascinating little spiders, which really makes any subsequent stomping and smooshing totally unfair. So to all you spider stomper-smooshers out there ... meet my little friend Charlotte. Feed her a bug (click the little MORE tab bottom right of her web) and think twice before you freak out about Charlotte's kin!


  • term papers ... nearly finished the last one (due April 5).
  • course presentations/projects ... almost ready for the last one (next Monday)
  • knitting ... 11 new dishcloths finished. # 12 will come off the needles on my way home today.
  • social life ... no. Okay, that's a teensy lie ... N and I took last Friday evening off and had dinner at the Waddling Duck (fabulous fish 'n chips, and I so miss my favorite fish 'n chips joint near the Quay!), then dessert at Tastebuds. If you've never been to either, you should go! Then A and I took Saturday evening off and went to see Inside Man. Good flick ... Denzel Washington and Jody Foster, directed by Spike Lee. Just the right amount of action and intrigue to make it worth the price and the popcorn. Besides, my brain REAllY needed a break!
  • exams ... first one is 8 days and 15 hours away ... EEEK!

I hope its sunny wherever you are. have a good week, and be kind to spiders!


Bananahead said...

Nice? Stamp out their genetic code! Muh-ha-ha-ha! They're icky ... and I scream when I see one and only when I'm alone do I smoosh them myself ... otherwise I get someone else to do my dirty work. Yuck! Good luck on exams, love ya!

Ginny said...

Was at the Waddling Duck on Friday. I passed on the fish and chips as I had it last time. You know, I've never had dessert at Tastebuds... I usually opt fo the sushi. yum!

Don't spiders like moisture? I think that's why their coming out.