Thursday, 23 March 2006

Two done, one to go ...

I probably say this every semester, and you're totally forgiven for thinking I've lost it and taken to repeating myself -- which is likely true! -- but this has been the semester from hell! I've struggled like mad to keep up with course readings (and I'm only taking 3 courses), and getting presentations organized, projects finished, and papers written has about sent me fleeing to the funny farm for some time out! However, one more paper to go (topic: diabetes and circumpolar peoples), due April 5, followed by final exams. Then I can take a deep breath ... and do it all over again next semester. Yes, I will be doing summer courses. I'm making damn sure I've got enough credits for that blasted piece of paper that says 'congrats, here's your BA' next year this time!

I have to tell you, all this academic crap is seriously impinging on my knitting time. Its taken me OVER 10 days to finish ONE sock! So I've switched to knitting cotton dishcloths for awhile. Like socks, one can never have too many cotton dishcloths ... agreed? Socks, and now dishcloths, is my travelling knitting project. In other words, its small enough to fit in the side pocket of my book bag, and simple enough to pull out on the bus, during a break, or even during a lecture if I think I can get away with it -- which I can most classes. (One prof has put in her order for socks for next winter!)

At home I've been patiently knitting at a kid mohair stole. I love the feel of it, but don't ever make a serious mistake, 'cuz frogging kid mohair is a huge pain! Funny that ... knitting with it is okay, but frogging it makes me sneeze violently. Psychosomatic perhaps??? Its a lovely cream colour with ever so slight a hint of pink to it. I keep picturing myself wearing said stole over a swishy dress at the symphony or opera in one of the posh theatres in Vancouver. Okay, I know I'm 'up north in the sticks' and not in Vancouver, but ya gotta have dreams! That being said, I'm quickly running out of cream-coloured kid mohair ... let's keep our fingers crossed about having enough to finish my stole!

Hey! Spring's here! These past two days, our neighbourhood snowbanks have turned into sloughs in the sunshine. It was a long time coming, but it happened fast when it did arrive! I suppose y'all 'down south' have trees in bloom already . . .

So I'm taking a "brain break" this evening. It's been 12 and 14-hour days every day these past two weeks, and I'm reaching (reached?) that point where I can re-read a page or paragraph four times in a row, and nothing sticks in my head. Instead, I'm picturing 'jammies', some kind of mindless fluff on TV, maybe a little knitting, maybe a big plate of nachos, and early to sleep.

Toodles for now . . . go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

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Ginny said...

Hey, nice to see you've put up a post. I've been really busy too and haven't been blogging or knitting much either. I hope you had a good rest last night. I took yesterday and today off work... I'm not feeling really great - just run down I think.

Wouldn't it be nice if life's pace could sometimes match our own pace?