Saturday, 27 June 2009

Little Brother Gets a Dust Jacket

And what did I do this past week instead of packing? Made a new dust jacket for my sewing machine, of course! Poor thing was just sitting there, uncovered, begging for a new dust jacket . . . I HAD TO oblige! I made a quick pattern with newspaper and cut out 2 pieces of blue fabric for each the front, back, sides and top, which I sandwiched around some leftover bits of quilt batting. Why blue? Because that was what was on hand and already prewashed and preshrunk. Then I went a little crazy trying out different fancy stitches to quilt the layers together ...... going in various directions, like so. And I used up a whole bunch of little bits of different colours of thread (the practical part of the project). I even experimented with widening and narrowing stitch length ...... and created this pretty heart with a tail that tapers off to nothing. Never thought of trying that before. Finally, I added some yellow bias binding left over from another project, and some lace just because I never have anything lacy around, and voila ...... little Brother sewing machine sports a new dust jacket. It addresses his feminine side. I think Stanley the Button Jar is a bit jealous:Perhaps I'll make him a lacy little dust cap. His name is Stanley because he is some kind of wild critter holding a miniature Stanley Cup ... the peanut butter company must have been big on promoting hockey one year. In addition to the dust jacket, I have nearly finished the centre part of my latest cross stitch project ...

... and I'm liking these black birds more and more all the time. Besides stitching, I managed one more little stroll down memory lane as this photo ...... fell out of a book ("The Book of Canadian Verse") as I moved it from bookcase to box. Any guesses? This is my Dad, myself, and my butterball baby daughter Necy at about age 6 weeks. The year was 1972 and I was the ripe old age of 16 and very thin. Necy is all growed up now, and the mum of a teenager. My goodness how time flies!
Believe it or not, I did succeed in getting my packing done. Here's half of my "stuff" waiting for the truck to load:There are many more plants than that one, believe me! I'm currently sitting in an empty room, except for one chair and my computer desk, which I am going to take apart as soon as I post this. It's "echoe-ey" in here. I don't like it! Tomorrow is cleaning day, and the Big Move takes place Monday morning. However, I will be without Internet for a few days after that due to July 1 being a holiday (us Canucks celebrate Canada Day on July 1).
Next post will be from my new apartment! Happy Canada Day and July Fourth, y'all! I'll be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Are you moved yet? {o/

Anonymous said...

Do I get an invite to see your new place. L.