Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I'm still here!

I've received numerous phonecalls and email messages wondering WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU cuz I haven't blogged for AGES.  Yes, I had a computer problem the last time I posted.  No, I don't have a computer problem anymore.  I've just plain been BUSY.  Or maybe a bit LAZY.   Anyway, I'm still alive and kicking up here, so y'all can rest easy again!

Since I last blogged, we've gone from this ...
to this ...

Yes, that is indeed our very first dusting of SNOW.  It didn't last long, but this is The North and more can't be far behind.  The Old Timers around here keep saying ... as does the Farmers Almanac ... that this is going to be a Winter to Beat All Winters for cold and snow.  I heard minus nine degrees overnight tonight.  

Miss Boots is not impressed with this cold.  It ruins her sunny outdoor balcony experiences and makes her come in and walk all over the human (me) in order to get her paws warmed up!  So lately she has a new pursuit ...
... escaping down the hall in our apartment building!  (That's her WAY DOWN at the end of the hall.)  There is a new kitty down there, and she feels very strongly about going down to the new kitty's door and expressing her displeasure about its intrusion in HER building.  (New kitty reciprocated with much hissing and yowling the other evening at our door.)  Lord only knows what will happen if they met face to face!  I guess we'll find out if my scaredy cat is a lover or a fighter.

We ... I could NEVER manage to do this without the aid of Miss Boots! ... are nearly finished hand-quilting our oranges/reds autumn quilt (photos in previous posts).  Originally, I had planned to machine quilt, but find I really enjoy hand quilting.  I'm looking forward to finishing it though so I can get on with some BABY QUILTING.  Yes, there is a new great-grand due in the spring!  It's fun being an adopted Nana.


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