Friday, 26 November 2010

Still Snowing

A little warmer up here right now, about minus 1 at the moment, and snowing.  The snow was THIS deep ...

... when I left for work this morning, and keeping THIS guy ...

... very busy.  (That's the front of the building I live in the background ... my balcony faces the opposite direction.)  The roads looked like THIS ...

... and people coming into our office throughout the day have all commented on slippery driving conditions.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... er, apartment ... Miss Boots is spending a lot of time looking out the windows and longing for nicer weather!

Looking at the above picture of her looking out my bedroom window, I realize she has become quite the svelte sleek gal.  Her bulgy saggy belly is gone!  (We will not be looking at photos of the hu-mom's profile!  LOL!)  Bootsy had a lot of digestive issues when she first came to live with me, and it took awhile to find cat food that agreed with her sensitive system.  (She doesn't tolerate grains.)

It is almost 4:00 pm Friday as I write this.  My work day took an unexpected shift left earlier in the day as I learned a big funding proposal I had been working on cannot be submitted for another 6 months.  Consequently, I was able to end the week by leisurely tidying up some odds and ends instead of scrambling to meet an application deadline.  Sweet!  It also means I get to go home on time, and I'm looking forward to a cozy evening with a glass of wine and a good book.  Or maybe my knitting.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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