Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Busy busy busy

I've been a bad blogger lately! I have no excuse, except to say my work life has been intruding into my private life and there are only so many hours in the day to fit it all in ... except it hasn't all fit! One of the work things that's been adding to my busy-ness lately is a rather interesting pilot project to introduce a tool for analyzing how well programs and services address the needs of seniors.Yup, that's me ... mid-workshop. And having a very bad hair day (different hairdresser + different cut = sticking up "wings" around my face ... I tried desperately to gel it down and secure it in a ponytail, but even that wasn't totally successful.) Here's the "do" without the ponytail ...There are currently a half dozen similar pilot projects (the analytical tool, not the bad hair!) happening across Canada, and I am flying to Toronto tomorrow for a conference to compare projects. The conference itself should be interesting, but I'm really NOT excited about the flight there and back.

It's been very warm here the last few days ... so warm that I took my jacket off and walked home without it yesterday afternoon! Today I noticed bare (neon white) legs all over the place. What a difference a week makes in the North ... from winter boots and this ...

... to shoes and this ...Both of the above pictures were taken at the exact same location. I'm not, however, totally convinced it's spring yet (I don't even want to whisper the word for fear of jinxing it). I'm totally expecting another blizzard ... let's just hope it doesn't happen in the morning when my plane is trying to take off!

I'm not sure WHAT season my Christmas cactus thinks it is ...... but it's blooming enthusiastically! I transplanted it last fall into a slightly bigger pot, so had expected it would pout for a year before it bloomed again. Apparently it approved of the move. You can't see the buds on the other side of it in this picture, but there are a lot more blooms to come shortly.

I did manage to almost complete one small crafty project last weekend. It was kind of spur of the moment. I noticed a (rather ugly) "wall art" thing in a downtown bargain store window and thought to myself "hmmm, love the SHAPE, hate the content". After I thought on it for a couple of days, I decided I could CHANGE the content, so I went back downtown, bought the thing, and bought a small can of chalk board paint at the local Hardware store ... which I used to paint over the ugly bits. Here's the result:

I'm not quite done. I'm going to glue real wine bottle labels to the fake wine bottles. I mean seriously ... who wants nonsense "scribble" labels? Then I will have a menu chalk board in my dining room. I may not post a different menu every day, but I'll have fun doodling with chalk!

Guess what!?! I'm about to gain a new family member (as soon as I get back from Toronto)! Her name is "Boots", and she's four years old. Yes, she is a kitty. Her human had a serious stroke and is going into residential care where he can't have a cat. She has been in a temporary foster home (with three kids, another cat and a dog) and has not functioned there at all. And yes, I'm a sucker for a kitty-in-distress story! In my own defense, I've been thinking about getting a kitty since I moved into this apartment last July. I guess I just had to wait for the right kitty to find me!

Have a good week y'all!

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sheri said...

I like to think that spring is here..
I don't even mind if we get a bit of snow at this point..It doesn't usually stick around long..
Love the cute little plaque that you picked up..
I don't think your hair looked like you were having a bad hair day..
I also end up with "wings" at
Hugs, Sheri