Sunday, 21 March 2010

cats and onions

Life with Miss Boots is not turning out to be the quiet and gentle "love me, pet me, feed me" routine I originally expected! Bootsy was very traumatized when she first arrived here ...... and was pretty much a silent observer. She has gradually unfolded and revealed her true self ... and that self is a Character with a Capital C, robust, rough and ready! No shrinking violet is our Boots ... although she sometimes still runs and hides when there are unexpected noises in the hall outside our apartment. She really likes to get her claws into things ... including me. She very much enjoys boxing (claws in), and stalking/hunting (claws out). I bought her numerous mouse-like cat toys. She gave each a few swats then ignored them, but kept stealing socks out of the laundry basket, so I knotted a lone wool sock and gave it to her. This quickly turned out to be her favourite toy (bottom right in picture below) ...... she stalks it and attacks it with Great Gusto and carries it all over the apartment! It's quite amusing to watch. Although she has never actually drawn blood boxing and stalking me, she did make me realize she needed something other than ME to get those sharp claws into. So Friday night after work, I made the long bus trek across the city to a chain pet store and bought her a scratching post (side note ... did you know there are fancy models that cost over $500? I nearly fell over!). Boots demonstrated its correct use the instant I brought it into our apartment ...... although she wasn't too impressed when I put her toys (including her sock) along with some catnip on its top platform in order to lure her up on it.Miss Boots feels she is beneath The Herb! She stares at catnip suspiciously, and gives me the most incredulous looks ("What the hell are you THINKING, hu-mom?!?!?") but won't touch it. I need not have bothered. As soon as I moved her scratching post over in front of the patio door, she climbed onto the tower to survey her Queendom ...... and has quickly leaped to that post to keep scurilous outdoor dogs, birds and humans in line ever since! I've also learned that Miss Boots is extremely Curious and feels seriously obligated to check out everything I do. As a result, I can't leave ANYTHING unattended for two seconds ...On her part, Boots has learned she does not like Tea, Chai, Wine or black pepper ... which makes her sneeze. Never a dull moment around here!

It's 6 degrees outside at the moment, and has pretty much been around that temperature each day this past week. Our snow is rapidly disappearing. I'm quite happy to see the snow go ... NO MORE WINTER BOOTS!!! However, all our dirty little winter secrets certainly begin to appear. Do you realize humans are extremely messy critters? We drop garbage ALL OVER THE PLACE! You can't see it when it's covered with snow, but come spring ... yecchhh!

Occasionally, disappearing snow reveals sights that make a person go "hmmm" ... and I came across one such sight on the way to work last Friday morning.I had a similar experience once in New Westminster, BC. when I spotted something quite unexpected on the sidewalk outside a corner convenience store.There were no "real" food outlets or homes nearby to explain the presence of a turnip on the sidewalk that day in New Westminster, and ...... no homes or food outlets nearby to explain the presence of this lone red onion on a city street here!Once again, the saying "just fell off the turnip truck" crossed my mind! I wonder what makes the occasional lone vegetable run amok in city streets? Any ideas??? Have a great week, y'all!

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Karen Deborah said...

so did you pick the onion up and take it home? Looks perfectly good! IT also looks like you got yourself a cat!! she is a beauty!