Tuesday, 23 March 2010

cats, quilts, and catkins

Life with Miss Boots continues to be a daily (and occasionally nightly) adventure.

"Hu-mom wantz to brush my belly? Go ahead ... I won't bite ... much!" (I should have made a video of this ... major tail switching happening here.)

"Why you stare at me, hu-mom? I iz on my tower! Hu-mom should genuflect in my prezenze ... not point flash box!" (Again with the tail switching.)

She doesn't have Attitude ... not much ...

I don't think I've updated y'all on my quilting adventures recently, have I? Here's the completed Christmas vacation table runner ...

I'm quite happy with it, although I can see faults. Every stitch was done by hand! I could have completed it much faster by machine, but found I really enjoyed relaxing with hand-stitching. Here's the wall-hanging I also started last December ...

... with the three heart blocks finally together and ready for the applique bits ...

... which are now being stitched in place. I only manage a few minutes at this in the evenings, so it's a SLOW work in progress. Yes, I'm getting impatient! I just received the latest issue of the IRISH QUILTING magazine and it's chock full of great ideas for new projects. (I'm exercising restraint ... in case you wonder what that low threatening rumble in the distance is ...)

Guess what I noticed by my bus stop yesterday morning!

Perfect discovery for the first official day of spring! Yes, we still have bits of snow on the ground ... mostly in shady areas ... but catkins can't be wrong! Can they???


Karen Deborah said...

lovely work. It is definitely spring here. I'd love to cut some of those and bring them in!

sheri said...

Your runner and wall hanging are beautiful. I can imagine doing it by hand certainly does take time.
Spring is finally making it's way to my area..thank goodness..
Hope you have a great day,