Monday, 17 November 2008

13 Foodie Things You Always Wanted to Know About Me

Just thought I'd share this today:

1. How often do you think about eating?
I think I think about cooking more often than I think about eating. I can READ about cooking pretty much any time, but the joy is in daydreaming about preparation, or the preparation, or in watching someone else eating what I've prepared, not so much in eating myself. Not that I don't eat lots, cuz I do, and my waistline is testament to that!

2. Coffee craving?
Once in a rare while on a Sunday morning with my English Fry Up. Since I don't drink coffee, I never have coffee at home, so if I WANT coffee, I have to go out for it.

3. Favorite hometown food?
Oh! The first time I tasted Portuguese rice with fresh parsley and squid happened in my home town. The rice was cooked low and slow like a risotto, and then Mrs P. drizzled aromatic olive oil over it when she served it. I was about 8 or 9 years old, had been raised on your basic Canadian blah meat and potatoes, and my tastebuds truly thought they had died and gone to Heaven! I make that dish for myself now with clams instead of squid. Mm mmm, yummy!

4. Favourite party dish?
Spanakopita ... Greek spinach and feta cheese pie in a phyllo pastry crust. I make it BIG, like a lasagna.

5. Food that makes you gag?
Ham. HATE the stuff! Melon of any kind. Melons should be abolished from the face of the earth!

6. Worst kitchen disaster:
WORST disaster? I dunno, I'm pretty good at disasters. I usually eat 'em anyhow.

7. Three things in your refrigerator right now:
Just a minute, I'll go look. . . . . . . . . . Okay, I'm back. There are fresh Portobello mushrooms, a tube of Anchovy Paste, and a tub of fresh Asiago cheese on the top shelf in my fridge. Did you want to know what's on the other shelves?

8. Your idea of a romantic meal is:
A spontaneous picnic with simple nummies ... a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, maybe a chunk of sharp cheese, and ...

9. Secret snack of shame?
I have TWO secret snacks of shame. Cheez Whiz. Gotta have cucumber and Cheez Whiz sarnies every summer. Also deviled chicken spread, the kind that comes in those little paper-wrapped tins. Gotta have deviled chicken spread with mayonnaise and onion powder sarnies every once in awhile. I'm sick, what can I say?

10. Most ambitious thing you’ve ever done in the kitchen:
See number 6 above. Usually results from being overly-ambitious in the kitchen!

11. Best restaurant if you’re not paying:
I prefer to pay for my own meals out.

12. If you were a cocktail, what would you be?
I don't care for mixed drinks very much ... give me a good glass of wine or a nice cold beer ... but if I REALLY had to choose a cocktail, it would probably be something with cranberry juice and fresh limes. Or maybe just that ... nice cold cranberry juice with a spritz of lime juice garnished with a slice of fresh lime. Did I just invent a drink? Or does a cocktail have to have alcohol in it?

13. Where is the world’s best pizza?
That's easy! Me N Ed's in Burnaby! I LOVE their Gangster pizza! Me N Ed's should open a pizza place up here! SOON!

Okay, I dare YOU to share 13 Foodie Things about yourself!


Bananahead said...

I'm totally with you on the ham and melons thing ... BLEGH!

Anonymous said...

You never told me about the cheese whiz sandwiches. Thats so disgusting. Would you take cheese whiz on a romatnic picnic? L.

Anonymous said...

What's in a gangster pizza?