Friday, 21 November 2008

November 21st

Friday night. Another work week done. And what a week! Long hours, stressful, but positive. Anyway, y'all don't want to hear about my work week. I've posted a couple of times this month about my new obsession with RED in my living room, so I thought tonight I'd share a little update on that topic.
Here's the RED moose from the Jysk store that started this whole thing.HIS name is Marge the Moose. Apparently HE has gender issues as no respectable bull moose would be caught dead in a fancy bow like that. Or so I've been told. Whatever the moose's issues are, I think he makes a right fine addition to the fireplace area!
Here's my sofa and all those lovely new RED cushion covers I sewed last weekend. Oh, and a snuggly knit blanket I found at "StuffMart" for $12. You would never know under all those cushions and blankets that my sofa is 1970s LIME GREEN!
I found this RED vase at "StuffMart" too.It cost $10. That's my aboriginal talking stick in it. My talking stick was a gift and it's very special to me. Oh, and one of my guitars to the left. I have a bad habit of sticking music sheets under the strings. One of these days I need to buy myself a music stand. Do you think music stands come in RED?
Here's the worn out old chair that sits beside my sofa, covered up with a blanket and made more comfy with a couple of RED cushions. The small cushion is the one that reminds me of my friend Sally.Did you notice the little stool in front of my chair? It's an old wood milk stool that I found at a junk store last summer. Looks right spiffy with its new coat of RED paint, doesn't it?
This is about to be an important part of my Friday evening ...... a glass of RED wine! I'm going to get cozy and read a book ... Clive Cussler's The Chase ... and unwind from my work week. Happy Friday evening!

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I told you he would get a complex with a name like that. L.