Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Whining for dollars

I've spent most of this evening working on drafting, printing, signing letters "asking" for donations for Christmas hampers. What a crappy task ... I don't even LIKE Christmas! And I certainly don't like trying to convince other people to like it enough to donate stuff!
Why this evening, you ask? Could it be the fabulous time and a half I get paid after 4 pm? NOT! Reasons are as follows: #1 -- 'Cuz it was so busy in the office all day and I kept getting interrupted every time I sat down at my desk. #2 -- The end of November is rapidly approaching, and if these darned letters don't hit the mail this weekend, it will be too late as people will already be committed to other charities. #3 -- I was counting on a particular volunteer to do this task, but she keeps not showing up. #4 -- it was either work tonight or come in over the weekend.
It's now 9 pm, I've missed my bus and am going to call a taxi and go home for a very large glass of attitude adjustment.
Sincerely, grumpy L.D. Scrooge

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