Tuesday, 18 November 2008

November 18th

First, in answer to your questions:THE GANGSTER Pizza is: "A combination of Italian meats including, salami, pepperoni, capicolla and Italian sausage. Topped with mushrooms and onions." It's a little-a bitta heaven!! I always order it with extra habanero peppers then drench it with hot pepper flakes at the table ... makes my tastebuds SIZZLE, baby! I DREAM about this pizza when I'm having Me-n-Ed's withdrawals up here in the north. They really gotta open a franchise here!

Oh, and I also highly recommend THE SOPRANO Pizza: "Straight from Italy. Bocconcini cheese, fresh Roma tomatoes, and fresh basil on top of capicollo and onions with our garlic and herb crust. Oh Madonna! Itsa pizza even my friend Tony woulda like! Try it or I send Paulie to see you." (My friend M. wasn't too thrilled with the Bocconcini cheese, but I loved it!) Would I take Cheez Whiz on a romantic picnic? Are you offering, L.?
I thought you loved melons, Banana? I get the ham thing, but you used to eat melons ... much to my disgust!

Second, today was a frustrating day at work. Our receptionist was on training and our office volunteer was away sick, so that left me filling multiple roles. And it was a busy day. At the peak of the chaos, one of our member organizations called to say "we have 20 people confirmed for tomorrow". Uh huh, that's nice, I thought. Then she explained that was 20 people for the workshop I had organized. I looked at my office calendar ... which rules my work life from hour to hour ... and NOTHING. Organizing this particular workshop involves booking the venue (apparently done ... with said member organization), booking the trainer (oh oh!), and ordering the workshop materials (oh NO!). I mumbled something about getting right back to her, and dove for the trainers' file. NOTHING! I hopped (still trying to stay off the foot) to the back room and checked the supplies cupboard ... PHEW! JUST enough materials for 20. Darned good thing 'cuz supplies have to be shipped up here from Vancouver. Then I got on the phone to try and find a trainer.

Finally confirmed the trainer at 8 pm tonight. (Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU L.!) Damn, I wish I got paid overtime.Anyhow, peace reigns again. Momentarily.

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Bananahead said...

Sounds like a busy, hectic, stressful day :) Good thing your resourceful!

Its funny when you don't eat things for a while, your taste buds reject them ... thus my dislike for melons. Blegh!