Saturday, 1 November 2008

The morning after

November first ... a foggy morning that looks like it's going to turn into a dreary day outdoors. All Saints Day. The morning after All Hallows Eve.
My neighbourhood was full of spooky outdoor decorations and boisterous little trick or treaters last night. I gave out every single bag of candy ... no leftovers for me :-( ... which means I had 60 trick or treaters. That's three times the number that came to my door last year. I wonder why? There was only one knock at the door after I turned the lights out. I haven't found any eggs or toilet paper or other obnoxious "tricks" around the place this morning, so I guess that last person wasn't too annoyed with me!

We did Halloween costumes at work yesterday. It was definately fun.

The postie told me my spider tattoos (temporary ... although I really like the one on my finger and can picture making it permanent) were not professional considering my office environment! Psshaw, I say! It's good to let your hair down once in awhile ... especially in a serious office!

However, Halloween is over now, and it's time to hang up that hair for another year.

And how was your Halloween?


Lonely Paul said...


Bananahead said...

I hope you told that person to go jump :P Its not unprofessional to have fun once and a while!
The tattoos were totally icky. Spiders on the hand ... blegh!

Peggy said...

I agree with the spider tattoo. just looks right somehow