Monday, 10 November 2008


So I took myself shopping after work. The restaurant next door treated us to lunch today (banquet leftovers, but who can turn down good Indian food!), so I wasn't in a big rush to get home and cook supper. The whole red moose thing has been niggling at my imagination, so I went shopping for RED.

In case you didn't know already, Wallymarts is full bore into Christmas, music over the PA system and all. Ugh! However, their Christmas haste might have contributed to my good fortune in finding RED things. I picked up a red fuzzy knit throw, two red cushions, a red vase, and a couple of pieces of red fabrics to cover my current tacky cushions. Oh, and some white socks ... just because.

Tomorrow being Remembrance Day, the buses won't be running here. Therefore I will be obligated to stay home and redecorate my living room. Stay tuned y'all. Pictures coming!

PS: this is my 10th post in 10 days ... so far so good for NaBloPoMo !


Denise said...

Your red infatuation (obsession?) is killing me! LOL I thought I was the only person madly in love with this color...

LDF said...

I've always LIKED red ... mostly cuz redheads weren't supposed to wear red and ain't nobody gonna tell ME what I can and can't wear ... but I've never really had red stuff in my home. This is new for me. Pictures coming soon.