Tuesday, 25 November 2008

November 25th

One month from right now, I hope to be ... well, not here! I hope to be doing what I like to do for Christmas. Y'all know I'm basically a Scrooge at heart, right? Well, you should also know that my heart is not COMPLETELY Scroogish! Close to completely, but not completely.

How can I claim this?

'Cuz I DECORATED my livingroom last night! See? No, NOT the Christmas Cacti ... but they are starting to bloom rather nicely, and just in time. They are both about double the size they were last year when I got them. Get a little closer to my living room windowsill ...... now do you see? No? Well for Pete's Sake look closer ...... surely you can see all my decorations NOW! That's right! The beaded snowflake in my Norfolk Pine! That's my official Christmas decorations. That's it ... that's the sum total. Unless of course you count Marge the Moose's festive red bow ...... although it isn't REALLY a Christmas bow. It just happens to be red. And festive. Like Marge.

Just wait until tomorrow ... I've got pictures of something that will really astound and amaze you (coming from a Scrooge)!

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