Sunday, 30 November 2008

More crafts

Once I get going on a craft "binge", there's just no stopping me. Naturally this obsession occurs when I SHOULD BE working on term papers and final assignments! What can I say? The sun was shining into my kitchen window ... which the plants loved (look at the blasted Wandering Jew on the right ... it's going to need a good trim back soon before it takes over) ... and it was just too darned nice to waste all that great natural light on studying! No? Okay, how about the kitchen cows TOLD ME TO??? (Cows are a very bad influence!) It started with the Christmas stockings, or ... more specifically ... with digging into my fabric bins for suitable fabric for the Christmas stockings. I came across this piece of stashed fabric ... 24 colourful coffee cups on a black background, 2 of each design ... and it preyed upon my mind. (Fabric will do that, especially when one can procrasinate about other tasks.)Naturally, I had to spend some time digging in my fabric bins to see what else I had stashed that might work with these colourful coffee cups. Here are the results: 2 pieces of hot pink that work with the hot pink in some of the coffee cups; 4 pieces of assorted browns, including 2 whole meters of plain mocha-coloured fabric, some cool retro multi-coloured polka dots, and 2 pieces that remind me of the swirling contents of various creamy coffee beverages when stirred.I also found a big chunk of a turquoise print that sort of works with the colourful coffee cups, and a piece of yellow ... just in case this project turns into something that might grace my kitchen table. My kitchen is all about yellow (and cows) don't you know! With a little imagination, I started envisioning a table runner with the colourful coffee cups forming the centres of the squares, and perhaps bordered by that plain mocha-coloured fabric ... oooh! quilted with white thread in that swirly stirred coffee pattern!Of course, THAT picture in my mind inspired me to MAKE a cup of mocha (which is somewhat darker than that mocha-coloured fabric 'cuz I don't like milk in my mocha) ...... 'scuse me now. I'm going to drink my mocha and contemplate this quilting project further!


Anonymous said...

Mm mocha. Remember mochas and bagels from Timmys on the way to Jim's class. {o)

Anonymous said...

Hey is that the same plant you had in res? Didnt it try to eat the tv or something? :o)