Thursday, 6 November 2008

It's snowing

Started about noon. This is real thing this time ... accumulating on the roads, contributing to traffic accidents, and making me wish I'd thought to wear boots to work this morning. Or at least SHOES instead of clogs. I kind of hope this is going to be a brief visit, that it will warm up and this stuff will melt and go away for awhile. However, experience tells me I'd best get used to the idea of wearing boots from now until ... ... April or so. Bloody north!

Are you "electioned" out? I am. I don't want to listen to another campaign speech this year! We've had the federal (Canadian) election. We've had the American presidential election. And now we've got the municipal bloody election. I just wasted three-quarters of an hour being patient with a candidate for City Council in my office. Yes, I applaud him for wanting to bring municipal attention to seniors issues. Yes, he is working hard to get out there and talk to as many members of this community as he can. I just don't want to play elections anymore! Make it stop!

If you're Canadian, you've probably watched Little Mosque on the Prairie. I came across this delightfully amusing little video on CBC's Little Mosque webpage:
(Sorry, I don't think you'll be able to access this link if you're not in Canada.)

If THAT isn't entertaining enough, check out this very Canadian game:

I used to think curling was about as exciting as watching paint drying, but I have to tell y'all, I'd much rather watch curling than listen to another election campaign speech!

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Bananahead said...

I feel the same way ... I'm going to vote in the municipal election, but I really just don't wanna play anymore! There should be a law against so many near each other (and we still have provincial to go soon too) cuz it feeds voter apathy. Arrrggghhh!