Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Stanley Park

My work day is over, and I'm off to my monthly book club gathering. (I could discuss books every week, probably even every day, but ridiculous things like the job and term papers and assignments keep getting in the way!) Tonight, we shall be discussing:
This is actually the second time I've read this particular novel (which tells you something about it). It's about a Vancouver (BC Canada) chef with financial problems, a hot sous chef, and an anthropologist father studying homeless people in Stanley Park. Said chef gets a bit too caught up in rebelling against multinational corporations taking over local food connections. Throw in lots of references to local Vancouver landmarks and a real murder mystery, and you've got a great book.
Of course, I would probably have enjoyed this book just because it's about Stanley Park. I get terribly "homesick" for Stanley Park and the sea wall at times. Ah, the sea wall! I've walked the sea wall hand-in-hand and madly in love (er ... lust). I've walked the sea wall with my children when they were little sprouts. I've walked the sea wall ... okay, let's just say I have many delightful memories of Stanley Park's sea wall. And now I'm here in the north and many hours away from it! Reading Timothy Taylor's novel is a small way of visiting familiar landmarks.
What about you? Have you read a particular novel that evokes a favourite place?

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